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Caring for your handmade Bliss Creation:

Bliss 24 Karat Idols is a delicate product, made of precious materials, handcrafted in a traditional way.
The Gold leaf and each crystal is set individually. As a result special care is required to avoid damages to the product, which Bliss 24 Karat Idols may not be held liable for.
To ensure that your Bliss product remains in beautiful condition over time, please observe the following.

  • Store your product in the original packaging or a soft pouch to avoid scratching.
  • Polish frequently with a soft cloth to maintain the original, lustrous finish.
  • Avoid hard contact (e.g. knocking against objects) which could cause scratches, chips and other Damage.
  • We do not recommend Gold polish liquid.
  • Do not clean the Gemstones set on the product with the soft cloth.
  • Bliss products are best cleaned with warm soapy water (dish soap is recommended). Rinse fully after cleaning & dry completely before storing.
  • Never soak your handmade products for extended periods of time; doing so may weaken the finish.
  • Bliss products must be kept away from perfume, hairspray and body creams - the strong chemicals in these products have the potential to damage, discolor your product and cause a reaction - it will tarnish and can eventually break.
  • Bliss products should also be kept away from heat sources (such as heaters) in winter and chlorinated
    or salt water in summer.
Buy Back Policy

The company offers a Buy back @ 70% of the purchase price.

The Buyback offer is valid only if the product is found in desired condition, free from any alteration
incidental or consequential damage due to mishandling or owing to usage.

If the product is not found in desired condition, the company will buy it back @ 50% of the M.R.P.
against purchase of the same product.

All Buy back will be accepted only on furnishing of the original bill and authentication card.

All Buy back transactions will be executed directly by the company to the customer and no dealers will

be entertained and will be done only after the approval of Bliss 24 Karat Idols.

Guarantee Card Gold
Guarantee Card Silver