The Brand

Affection Diamond Jewellery:

We harness the legacy of being designers & manufacturers of exquisite jewellery, our fine & flawless craftsmanship are a reflection of our dedication to continuously exceed ourselves.

Affection Fine Jewellery has not only gained the trust of artisans, manufacturers and retailers we've also developed a reputation within the industry as one of the few manufacturers today that continues to impact the industry by its production advances.
We are committed to helping our customers create fine custom designed jewellery that exceeds their expectations.

Servicing both large retail jewellery customers and smaller custom designers, Affection Fine Jewellery manufacturing has developed a process that easily identifies production efficiencies. So whether your order is that one special piece of jewellery you imagined, rest assured that we will deliver your order on time, within your budget, and to your complete satisfaction.

Affection has a large pool of talent that includes craftsmen who are dedicated to producing fine jewellery. Our staff includes designers, casters, bench jewellers, finishers, and customer relations employees.

We have showcased on the website a sample range of our creativity, designs to enhance your beauty and a cherished position for ever.