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Fleur D'amour


India’s 1st Government recognized Jewellery Design Awards,
Gem &Jewellery Export Promotion Council Of India.

The world of Bollywood has always had a larger-than-life presence in India. The industry has always given its audience a taste of romance, fantasy and glamour in its most flamboyant avatar.It’s magnificent sets and over-the-top outfits never fail to charm and influence the multitude of India. In particular the 1960’s laid a lasting impression in the world of cinema with its decadent display of living life in glorious Technicolor. ‘An Evening in Paris’ is one such movie that exhibits the Bollywood pizzazz of the ‘60s in its truest form. From romantic Paris, to exotic Beirut, to picturesque Switzerland, the movie provides a perfect setting for the charming ShammiKapoor to woo the dimpled beauty, Sharmila Tagore. 50 years later, the film still sets hearts aflutter.

The various nuances of the film provide an unlimited access to the breath taking wonders of the world and materialistic pleasures, suggesting the affluent lives of its protagonists Deepa (Sharmila Tagore) and Sam (ShammiKapoor). It unravels the story through a persistent display of enviable fashions, fancy apartments and lavish indulgence.

We FUSIONS & designer Natasha Adnani celebrate this cinematic masterpiece with a pair of earrings, ‘Fleur d’amour’. The floral motifs highlight the feminism and romance, synonymous to Sharmila Tagore’s character, Deepa, who plays a beautiful girl set out in the search of true love. At the same time, to represent her double role, of Suzy, a bold, glamorous cabaret dancer, the flowers have been influenced by the exotic kind. The floral wreath has been carved to perfection, with every flower having its own distinct character but all merging and flowing melodiously to form a pretty picture, just like Sharmila Tagore who so gracefully played two very contrasting roles with such ease. The flowers have been specially polished with a combination of dull and burnt rhodium effect to add to the liveliness of the piece. Thus rendering it even more dramatic, just like every scene of the movie.

The earring has been centered around meticulously picked carved emeralds and emerald drops of a vibrant green colour. Symbolically the emerald stone represents beauty, life and constant love, lending to the mood displayed by the film. The carved emeralds have been enhanced with gold paint to add to the opulence of the piece and truly epitomize the grandeur of the yesteryears of Bollywood, the years of it’s ‘Golden Glory’.

The rose-cut diamonds have been used to accent the piece and add to its old-school charm, from which the piece draws inspiration.

With current fashion trends repeatedly reflecting styles and design aesthetics from former generations, our piece ‘Fleur d’amour’ has been designed to compliment the same and distinctly be à la mode.

Category: Golden Glory

Weight: 68.500 grams.
Gold Weight: 58.400 grams, 18karat.
Diamonds: 1.50 carats, 22 pcs.
Emeralds: 22.50carats, 2 pcs.
Emerald Drops: 22.10carats, 6 pcs.
Pearls: 4.55 carats, 48 pcs.